A hub for God's love in Winton

Welcome! We’re a big, friendly group of committed Christians who believe there’s good news for all of us in the Bible. We celebrate the fact that God doesn’t discriminate. Instead, He offers unconditional love and an incredible hope for anyone who, with an open mind, accepts the Bible’s message.

‘Church’ isn’t so much somewhere you go as something you are. It’s about the people, not the building. And here you’ll find people from all walks of life, brought together by a desire to know God, understand his purpose, and emulate his love by following the example of Jesus. Unlike Jesus, we’re far from perfect. But then, that’s why we’re here.

You’d be very welcome to join us.

What's going on?

We are meeting normally on Sundays now physically in our hall, and online via YouTube & Zoom. We would love to see you there!