Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I watch your services on my TV?

Any of our YouTube services can be watched on a Smart TV if it has a YouTube application on the TV.

  1. Start the YouTube app on your TV
  2. Ensure you phone/tablet is connected to the same WiFi as your TV
  3. On your phone/tablet open our live page
  4. Click on the Title of the live video to open it directly in YouTube (see picture below)

  5. From the YouTube app, click the ‘Cast’ icon in the top right hand corner

  6. From the list of shown devices, click on the one that is your TV (note yours will be different to mine that is shown below)

  7. Play should now start on your TV, and you can put your phone/tablet away

How can I get your email reminders for live services?

Simply email and request being added to the list.